Dr Andrew Orr, Shen Therapies Pty Ltd –
“My family and I have known Steve and his beautiful family for many years now. It is a pleasure to know him both on a family level and a business level as well.  We’d had a run of bad luck with financial advisors over the years and asked Steve to take over the care of our financial planning.  We are so glad we did.  Steve has shown us things that we have never been told before and all the while being very caring and very professional in every way.  We feel so glad and so more at ease to know that Steve is looking after us in every way possible.  Whether it is looking after your super, insurance or investments, Steve has a detailed knowledge of all of these areas.  Make sure you call Steve before you seek advice anywhere else.   We can’t recommend his services enough”.
Andrew & Nicole Orr” August 13, 2009
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity


Jill Danen, hired Steve as a Financial Advisor in 2009 –
“I have known Steve and his family for 6 years. He is honest, trustworthy and knowledgeable in the advice which he provides to his clients.”
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity


Sue-Belinda Meehan, Owner, Ask Sue-Belinda Pty Ltd
“I have known Steve for many years. During this time I have come to know both the person and the professional. The person is reliable, trustworthy and cares deeply about family and friends. He is a compassionate person who always acts in the best interests of others. The professional ensures he has a deep knowledge of his field. He is up to date, informed and focused. He is perceptive to change and alert to problems which he immediately and clearly identifies and addresses. As in his personal life, he is honest, trustworthy and reliable. When Steve is working with you, or for you, you know that he will do his best job, first time, every time.”


Peter Long, Owner, Valley Insurance Services (QLD) Pty Ltd –
“I’ve known Steve in excess of 7 years. During that time I have come to know a person of exceptional integrity & honesty. Steve is attentive to detail and is quickly able to grasp complex problems and provide solutions for them. He has experience in a broad range of management roles. Steve is able to communicate easily with any person on a broad range of topics.”


Sam Higgins, Research Director, ICT Industry, Brisbane QLD
“Since striking out on his own Steve has shown that he can walk the talk. He has successfully taken the coaching and mentoring advice he gave to numerous successful financial planning firms from the product provider side of the financial services industry and applied it to the advantage of his new Ascent Wealth Management clients. I have personally had the pleasure of knowing Steve for many years and watched him build a successful financial advisory firm based on trust, transparency and putting the needs of his clients first. His positive attitude and warm regard for people makes him an excellent source of pragmatic advice.”


Kerry O’Neill, Prinicpal, O’Neills Business Lawyers
“I have known Steve for about 7 years during which we initially presented seminars together for the benefit of clients in the estate/financial planning area of which Steve displayed a deep knowledge. Subsequently Steve became a financial planner in his own practice and, in my opinion, a very competent and trustworthy advisor to his clients. I have worked with him and his clients and he has always kept his client’s best interests at heart. Steve is very pleasant, easy to work with and a thorough professional in everything he does. I would gladly recommend Steve to anyone seeking financial planning advice.”
Michael Rollinson, State Manager Advice Solutions
“Steve is a hard working, thorough, intelligent and caring individual. He always works tirelessly for his clients even though at times his talent was not appreciated as much as it should have been when he was with MLC. His decision to establish his own business was right and I cannot recommend Steve highly enough to act as a business partner or adviser for people seeking professional quality advice and support.”


Cindy Smith, Six Sigma Master Black Belt / Project Manager, Suncorp worked directly with Steve at Ascent Wealth Management Pty Ltd
“Steve has a unique blend of an eye for detail matched with the caring and compassion for customers. As a Master Black Belt i found Steve to be always willing to learn and seek out new opportunities for development. Steve looks for new and better ways to improve things, but ever wary of the need for the voice of the customer in balance. He was a plasure to work with and offered words of advice and wisdom when i needed direction. Personally I value Steve as a trusted advisor, and as a previous customer as well, i found that his attention to detail and drive for excellence in customer service is unsurpassed.”


Michelle Hamer, Owner, Smart Advice Pty Ltd was a consultant or contractor to Steve at Ascent Wealth Management Pty Ltd
“Steve is a detail-orientated manager who expects and delivers the best for and from his team, which (naturally) follows through to his work to his clients. Regards, Michelle”


Terry and Julie-Anne Druery , hired Steve as a Financial Advisor in 2000, and hired Steve more than once
“Steve has the best interests of the client at the centre of his efforts and works tirelessly to meet their goals and needs. At all times his efforts are of the highest ethical standards while ensuring the best outcomes possible.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity