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We’ll be there across your whole life journey with financial solutions to help you live your lifestyle of choice now while ensuring you are ontrack to have a comfortable future Our program works differently depending on where you’re at on the journey

Starting out

In your early twenties your concerns are likely to be such things as –
  • Creating wealth by managing what’s left in your pay each week
  • Making a choice of investment option on your Super fund
  • Salary sacrifice- what is it and how does it work?
  • Personal protection plan- an insurance plan to ensure your plans for the future can complete if you die unexpectedly, become sick or injured and unable to work

Married life

Your world changes when you get married in more ways than one !  Here your thoughts may turn to –
  • Cashflow management, can we have a mortgage as well as a baby ?
  • Getting a home loan
  • Adequate insurance cover- a growing family
  • Wealth creation- savings for children’s future education needs
  • Long term planning- are our retirement plans on track?
  • The financial windfall of a retrenchment package.  Your choices on how to deal with this new found wealth can be the makings of a more secure future.

Empty Nesters, Pre Retirement

When your kids leave home and your debts have reduced you may find you have more money available to provide for your future plans-
  • Where and how to invest the surplus, managing the cashflow to allow for this investment
  • Reviewing the appropriateness of debt levels and insurance covers
  • Preparing for retirement- Are we ready yet?
  • strategies to maximise your income in retirement and how these can be “supercharged” in your last years of work.


Reaping the rewards of your hard work and living the lifestyle you have dreamt about for such a long time.
  • How to structure your retirement income to get the best outcome in respect of
    • Investment performance
    • Income Tax
    • Centrelink benefits
    • Most importantly, your lifestyle
  • Retirement community or our own home- how does Centrelink treat buying into retirement accomodation ?
  • Helping you prepare for the logical transfer of your wealth to your ultimate beneficiaries, with an eye on the tax considerations of estate planning

The Financial Planning Programme- How we Deliver your Advice

Strategy Development

  • Developed with you
  • Based on your lifestyle goals and objectives, cashflow, timeframe and risk/ return profile

Strategy Recommendations

  • Our advice to assist you towards your goals
  • Comprehensive, lifestyle driven and tailored to you


  • Joint commitment to our agreed plan of action
  • We project manage the implementation- taking the hassle out of planning your future

Ongoing Planning and Review

  • Reviews your progress toward your goals and objectives taking account of-
    • Changes in your personal situation
    • Changes in the economic and financial markets
    • Take advantage of any changes in legislation
    • Keeping you on track and making changes if necessary

Financial Planning Service Program

  • Keeping you educated, informed and up to date